Northern Suburbs Training & Obedience Dog Club
Perth, Western Australia
Northern Suburbs Training & Obedience Dog Club

New Members / Enrollment

How Do I Join?

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Fill in the membership application form or collect a form from the table in front of the on-site van. We encourage you to download and complete the form prior to arrival, as completing the form on the day can slow down enrollment. Remember to fill in both pages in the entry form. Present the form, together with your dog's up-to-date vaccination certificate and the small annual membership fee (currently $70 for a full year's membership) to the staff in the on-site van. You will be given a badge allowing you to attend as many classes as you wish during the current club year and then will be directed to the appropriate class.

Members congregate at the white van before classes each Sunday morning for club announcements and are then directed to their classes. On the first day attending the club, please arrive half an hour early to ensure that your dog can be enrolled before training begins. There is no need to 'book up' for enrollment, just turn up on the day.

Vaccination Certificate

Please note that your dog's up-to-date vaccination certificate must be presented at the time of enrollment. Please read our vaccination requirements.

Can Children Train Their Dogs?

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Yes, but there are rules pertaining to child handlers.

What Should I Bring To Training?

  • Lots of dog training treats. A good quality wet food such as polony, cheese, sausage, chicken cut into small pieces (smells better to your dog). Whatever your dog absolutely loves but doesn’t get on a regular basis at home. After all, this is positive re-enforcement training. Please do not use plastic bags for the treats but some form of treat pouch (available from the van), as plastic bags can be - and have been - all too easily dropped and then swallowed by a dog. Remember - little or lo breakfast for your dog before training. They will work much better for you and more importantly - not get too fat!
  • Water – for both dog and owner
  • Dog toy – for a break in training
  • Enclosed shoes
  • Hat and sunscreen