Northern Suburbs Training & Obedience Dog Club
Perth, Western Australia
Northern Suburbs Training & Obedience Dog Club


Interested in training your dog in Perth's northern suburbs? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for essential details about joining the Northern Suburbs Training & Obedience Dog Club. The club conducts pet and trial level Obedience classes most Sunday mornings (please refer to the club calendar), as well as Agility and "Dances With Dogs" classes during the week.

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    Dear valued current and prospective Members,

    We hope that you are all keeping safe and well as we navigate through these very strange times. It is encouraging to hear positive reports from our Government and Health Department on the success of our isolation and social distance policies in slowing the spread of Corona virus (Covid 19). These restrictions will remain in place for an unknown but extended period of time and as such, Dogs West have advised that there is to be an extension on cancellation of all events until 31 August. This includes all training so I’m afraid that our classes will not be resuming for a while yet, we will keep you all updated on any changes so please keep checking our Website and Facebook page for developments.

    In the meantime, our pooches are not going school themselves, so please refer to your membership booklet for advice on training. There are a few free/reduced online courses running at the moment. Although Northern Suburbs Dog Club cannot officially endorse these programs, you can check out the links below and decide for yourself whether they are suitable for you.

    Keep an eye on Facebook as we will continue to post videos and links to dog training and behaviour articles.

    So please keep safe and make the most of this extra time at home. What a wonderful opportunity to build an even more wonderful relationship with your dog and maybe you can both learn some new tricks along the way!

    Dogs That: Home School

    Dunbar Academy

  • Online Memberships for 2020 are available: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!
  • For any updates to training (special events, cancellations, etc.), check out our Facebook posts (you don't need to have a Facebook account to view updates) here:
  • Got an adolescent dog? There are some links to check out on the links page.
  • Change to membership year: The club has changed its definition of a "membership year" to be from January to December each year (makes it easier to remember, right!?). This change will come into effect immediately, but won't actually have any effect other than the date of renewals changing from November to December.

    Remember: all enrolments are done online

  • REMINDER: If you are registering, make sure to remember to bring your up-to-date vaccination details!

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